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As in the whole of Hungary, in the southern part of the Great Plain, in the heart of Békés county, the tradition of pasta-making goes back to several hundred years. The techniques and the methods have often been refined over several generations and carried over from q generation to another by members of the family. This is quite understandable, since earlier, pasta-making itself was considered a real family event. It is therefore safe to say that pasta making used to be a real "family enterprise".

The beginnings

Our company, Famíliatészta Kft., was also created as a family business in 1992. In the very beginning we launched production using the most rudimentary machines, with only a few employees.

Owing to constant development and expansion, in 1997 we converted our company into a limited partnership, since at that time we were already sure that we had been going in the right direction.


The first decade of the 21st century introduced several novelties in the life of our business. From 2002 we have been making our products in accordance with the requirements of the HACCP system. One year later Família pasta began to be produced on an Italian production line, on really professional equipment. Thanks to the constant flow of orders and the trust of our customers, our company continued growing. Thus at the beginning of 2007 we could provide the necessary volume of goods in a hall of 600 m², using new machinery. From the beginning of 2008 a production capacity of 100,000 kg per month became available for us. This was followed by the upgrade of our warehouse, the procurement of new shelf systems and even more modern production machinery. Since the customers rightfully need that not only the quality of the product, but also its packaging should be impeccable, therefore in 2009 we added a versatile packing machine to the pool of our production machinery, as a result, the appearance of the packaging of our pasta has become not only more aesthetic, but also excellent in terms of food safety.


While the first decade of the 21st century was mostly about technical developments in the life of our enterprise, in this decade we switched focus on product developments. In 2010, as a limited company, we added several types of pasta us to our product range, by which we could reintroduce the home flavours and forms of old times to the kitchens of our customers. Naturally, the implementation of new machines came hand-in-hand with capacity expansion. This resulted in 10 new drying machines, one production machine line and warehouse of 400 m². And by the implementation of the ISO 22000 food safety management system and the SAP Business One enterprise resource management system, we could really coordinate our production, selling and commercial processes at the level of the 21st century, according to European standards. Thanks to all these factors, today our production capacity exceeds the volume of 200,000 kg/month.

For over the last two decades it has been our declared objective to efficiently combine mass industrial preciseness with the quality, flavours and appearance of Hungarian gastronomical traditions. The homemade nature of our eight-eggs pastas is constituted by the ingredients and the technological working processes based on traditions.

In our current offering our customers have a choice of over 50 types of pastas. That way, the range of our products includes pastas representing real Hungarian values, eight-eggs, four-eggs pastas, products made from ground durum wheat without adding eggs, the health-friendly pastas made from durum whole wheat and the sport pastas too.


Product development takes place in innovative teamwork, coordinated by a group of professionals. This work resulted in our products with the brand name of Vitale, designed for customers following a healthy lifestyle. The name Vitale means life, existence, which we meant to be a call for action in order to create quality and conscious nutrition, and to improve the health of the entire Hungarian population. The products of the Vitale line include, among others, pastas made from wholemeal, and without eggs, pastas with 50% reduced carbohydrate contents, Sports pastas made with 4 eggs, furthermore, Sports Pasta Extra products with 80% reduced carbohydrate contents.

The proof of the Vitale line is proven by the fact that the products made from wholemeal won the Product of the Year award in 2015 in the health-friendly pasta category, and our Sports pastas won the Additional Choice of Hungary ah Finalist of the World Tour by SIAL 2016 awards in the World Tour by SIAL innovation product contest of 2016.



Our products are not only recognized in Hungary, they are also very much appreciated and popular, as is demonstrated by the opinions of the consumers and our commercial figures. Thanks to that, in 2016 the brand of Famíliatészta received the MagyarBrands recognition. Família pastas are available in most CBA, Reál chain stores and in Coop stores in East Hungary, furthermore, they are also carried by such national chain stores as Auchan and some of the major TESCO stores.

In summary, it can be said that our past, present and future are governed by VALUE. This is what we try to convey by the appearance, quality of our products, the cultivation of Hungarian gastronomical traditions and by creating the opportunity for healthy nutrition.

The work of the team of Famíliatészta Kft. is inspired by the intention to create a product range and quality matching the needs of the customers, to develop and maintain an excellent relationship with our partners. This is demonstrated by the fact that the company received the Bisnode AA certificate, which is only held by 1.75% of companies in Hungary, and indicates that the financial risk of developing a business relationship with us carries a very low risk and that the company is going to remain a stable market participant in the future.

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